Barrier Rope SPINTWIST Beige by Kanirope®

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Barrier Rope SPINTWIST Beige by Kanirope® - proven classics among the barrier ropes in deceptively real “Hemp-look”. Made of smooth and light PP polypropylene staple fibres (also called synthetic hemp or poly hemp). A synthetic hemp rope looks and feels almost indistinguishable from a natural hemp rope but offers some advantages. It is odourless, doesn’t absorbs liquids (for example such as sweat from the hands), is easy to wash with a damp cloth and therefore is easy to clean.

  • Length: by the meter, 50m hawser
  • Colour: beige
  • Material: 100% PP polypropylene Staple fibre (Spleitex®)
  • Construction: 4-strand twisted
  • Weatherproof and very durable
  • For use in indoor or outdoor areas

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