Climbing Rope KIDPRO by Kanirope®

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Climbing Rope KIDPRO by Kanirope® - classic climbing hawser for children. The is made of strong weather resistant polyhemp (also known as synthetic hemp or PP Spleitex). The rope is perfect of indoor and outdoor usage, and can be applicated in playgrounds, climbing towers, trees or tree houses.

A challenge for little climbers, tree house residents or tower strikers. On this climbing rope children can train their skills in body control.

  • Material: polyhemp
  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Construction: 4-strand twisted
  • Breaking load: 4950daN(kg)
  • Load capacity: 200kg

Lower rope end:

  • with black plastic coating

Higher rope end to choose:

  • with eye splice (loop)
  • with eye splice and screw carabiner (breaking load: 2t)
  • with eye slice and snap hook (breaking load: 2t)

Our ropes are spliced by qualified professionals. By processing the end is being spliced into the rope creating a loop (so called “eye”). This type of suspension is long lasting and safer than the gluing, pressing or drilling the hardware into the rope.

Deliverable lengths: 1,6m, 2,2m, 2,5m, 3m, 3,5m, 4m (customized lengths are deliverable upon request)

For attaching to trees, girders or similar, you may need a "round sling", which you can additionally order HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: strangulation and falling danger - Use only under direct adult supervision.