Cotton Rope COBRAID ø2mm 8-strand Braided by Kanirope®

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Cotton Rope COBRAID ø2mm 8-strand Braided by Kanirope® - high-quality product manufactured in Germany. The rope is very skin-friendly, handy, knots and processes very well. Cotton ropes and cords have very low allergy potential, are odourless and easily washable. Such ropes and cords are very popular material for playing, handicraft, tie, wrap round, hanging or overlaying. Also design, shop windows decoration, ambience design and labelling are another favourite field for cotton ropes application.

  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Length: 100m, 500m
  • Construction: 8-strand braided
  • Rope core: no
  • Breaking load: 20daN (kg)
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight per 100m: 0,18kg

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Cotton rope cord line cable braided diameter 2mm length 100m, 500m colour creamy-white