Dyneema Rope PRO ø14mm 12-strand braided by Kanirope®

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Dyneema Rope PRO ø14mm 12-strand braided by Kanirope® - high-quality product made of Dyneema yarns manufactured in Germany. Dyneema- ropes, cords, cables and lines are low-stretch and have extreme tear-, abrasion-, UV rays and chemical influence resistant. They are also very light, floatable, can easily be spliced and are very long-lasting.

  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Length: by the Meter, 100m
  • Colour: Blue, Silver, Yellow, Red, Black, White
  • Construction: 12-strand braided
  • Breaking load: 14500daN (kg)
  • Working stretch: <1%
  • Material: Dyneema® SK78
  • Stretched, coated
  • Weight: 9,50 kg/100m

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