LIROS Dynamic plus

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Product No.: 11524-81718

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product description

LIROS Dynamic plus - Easy-handling, abrasion resistant line with low stretch, premium Polyester cover and Dyneema® SK78 core. Suitable for use as a highend sheet, or low-stretch halyard by advanced Cruising sailors.

DiameterBreaking strengthWeightLengths
Ø3mm500 daN (kg)7g/mBy the meter, 250m
Ø4mm710 daN (kg)11g/mBy the meter, 250m
Ø5mm870 daN (kg)17g/mBy the meter, 250m
Ø6mm1200 daN (kg)21g/mBy the meter, 200m
Ø8mm2300 daN (kg)38g/mBy the meter, 200m
Ø10mm3100 daN (kg)69g/mBy the meter, 200m
Ø12mm4800 daN (kg)89g/mBy the meter, 200m
Ø14mm6500 daN (kg)119g/mBy the meter, 150m

  • Colours: White-Red, White-Blue, White-Yellow, White-Green
  • Construction: 24-32 plaited
  • Core: Coated Dyneema®, 6 mm and up with additional cover plait
  • Working stretch < 2 %
  • Low-stretch, abrasion resistant halyard for competitive Cruising sailors
  • Kink-free, low-stretch sheets for cruiser-racers
  • LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System (LIROS HSS pre-stretch system uses exact heat treatment to guarantee the highest accuracy in any application.)
  • LIROS Coating System (LIROS LCS is the best protection against wearand-tear and UV effects for technical ropes. LIROS LCS increases UV- and wearresistance by up to 50%)
  • Easy to splice