LIROS Handy-Anchor

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Product No.: 82421-82428

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    product description

    LIROS Handy-Anchor - high quality anchor line with lead weight built into the first 10 meters

    • Can be used instead of an anchor chain or without a chain forerunner
    • Super easy to handle
    • Very simple to stow
    • Highest resistance to abrasion and UV-radiation / sunlight
    • Material does not soak in water (water absorption < 2 %)
    • Breaking load is not affected when wet
    • Ready-made with 10 meters of integrated lead weighting and eye splice with stainless steel thimble and whipping
    • Comes with an attractive LIROS blue kitbag
    • Colour: White-Blue (Code 229)
    • Cover: Polyester
    • Core: Polyester, lead weight inlay
    • Construction: 20-plaited
    • Available in diameters 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm and lenghts 20, 30 and 40 m

    Overview of available product versions

    Diameter ØLengthsBreaking LoadWeight
    10 mm20 m1500 daN3,40 kg
    10 mm30 m1500 daN4,20 kg
    10 mm40 m1500 daN4,90 kg
    12 mm20 m2200 daN4,10 kg
    12 mm30 m2200 daN5,00 kg
    12 mm40 m2200 daN6,30 kg
    14 mm40 m3100 daN8,50 kg
    16 mm40 m4000 daN10,80 kg