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Product No.: 82357-82420

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    product description

    LIROS Porto - very easy to handle 100 % Polyester mooring or anchor line. Extremely strong and abrasion resistant, will not stiffen up. Special twist construction for high stretch.

    • Working stretch > 15 %
    • Very easy to splice
    • Very easy to handle, highly UV-stable
    • High strength and excellent abrasion resistance
    • Will not stiffen over time

    DiameterBreaking LoadLengthsConstruction
    Ø8mm1650 daN (kg)By the meter, 200m16-plaited
    Ø10mm2300 daN (kg)By the meter, 200m16-plaited
    Ø12mm2900 daN (kg)By the meter, 200m20-plaited
    Ø14mm3700 daN (kg)By the meter, 150m20-plaited
    Ø16mm4900 daN (kg)By the meter, 100m20-plaited
    Ø18mm5300 daN (kg)By the meter, 100m20-plaited
    Ø20mm6300 daN (kg)By the meter, 100m20-plaited
    Ø22mm8900 daN (kg)By the meter, 100m20-plaited