Abrasion Protection

Textile slings and ropes are constantly at risk of being damaged by the ground during use. This can be caused by sharp edges, rough surfaces or even friction. To prevent these textile materials from being damaged and to ensure that the lifespan of the products is as long as possible, there are different ways to protect them. Either the area that poses a risk to the material is provided with abrasion protection, or the rope or sling is equipped with protection.

For webbing slings, protective covers made of firm fabric can be used, which are pulled over the sling. These provide good abrasion protection for the webbing sling and allow movement within the protective casing. Thus, the sling remains flexible.

For ropes, which are installed on-site in rope access technology and need to be protected at certain points, protective tubes can be installed at any point on the rope using Velcro. The fixing is done using a clamp, additional cord or loop.

Mats or flexible plastic elements can be used to blunt steel beams or edges on structures near which the ropes are installed. Upon contact, the area that poses a risk to the rope is isolated.

For ropes that are used for lowering, on the other hand, roller modules or stainless steel edge riders should be used as abrasion protection, as there is a risk of wear through with textile mats or protective tubes due to the moving ropes.

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