Anchor lines, anchor ropes, and anchor warps

In this category, you can order anchor lines, anchor ropes, anchor hawsers, and anchor cables. Anchor ropes can be used to securely and stably connect the anchor and the boat. For small boats or for a short "coffee anchoring", anchor lines are a real alternative to anchor chains. In particular, anchor cables with integrated lead weights are considered, which partially compensate for the lower weight compared to the chain.

The anchor rope can also be combined with a chain lead. The chain lead then lies flat on the ground while anchoring and provides additional hold due to friction. In fact, the weight of the chain leader lying on the seabed significantly contributes to the holding effect of the anchor. Advantages of this combination are the better handling of the anchor hawser and its greater elasticity compared to the pure anchor chain. The additional anchor rope between the boat and chain can absorb some of the dynamic forces or their energy due to its elasticity, thereby cushioning peak forces.

A chain lead can also be used to preserve the anchor line. For this purpose, it should be ensured that only the chain lead is lying on or a maximum amount of anchor rope is deployed as it is deep. Otherwise, there is a risk of chafing, i.e. the damage to the anchor line by rubbing on the seabed.

The anchor line is best attached to the anchor or chain leader with a shackle. For this purpose, it makes sense to provide the anchor line with a spliced eye and reinforce this with a thimble so that the shackle can be securely attached.

The length of the anchor line or the combination of chain lead and anchor rope depends on many factors, including the current and wind speeds, the length and mass of the anchoring boat, and of course the water depth. The breaking load and weight of the anchor line, in turn, depend on the rope diameter. Diameter and length must therefore be selected to match the boat and the expected deployment scenario.

At Kanirope, you will find a large selection of rope for anchor lines. You can order anchor lines by the meter in the desired length and suitable diameter. As a service, we offer you the option of fitting the rope ends with an eye splice with a stainless steel thimble.

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