Anchor Point Slings

Anchor point slings are distinguished into adjustable slings, webbing slings, steel slings and, for special areas, slings protected against sharp edges. The maximum available length of all these slings is 2m.

The slings are standardized according to EN 566 (mountaineering), EN 795 B (mobile anchor device) and EN 354 (connectors). Many slings comply with several of the aforementioned standards.

The slings are used on structures, steel beams, rock heads, and other anchorage points that have sufficient static strength to install ropes using carabiners, rescue devices, or restraint systems. The sharper and more abrasive the surface, the more emphasis must be placed on a robust anchor point sling. For areas where the textile tape can be damaged quickly, webbing slings with a protective cover are suitable, which increase safety by protecting against damage and thus increase the product's lifespan.

The retirement age of anchor point slings results from the maximum usage duration specified by the manufacturer as well as the intensity of use. A sling that is used daily can become ready for retirement after a short period of time due to wear and tear. All slings must be checked at least once a year by a qualified person.

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