Anchor Slings

Sling tapes are made of sling or tape material and are used for attaching ropes or deflection points. The maximum available length of these slings is 2m. However, there is also tape material on rolls available for mountaineering, from which you can make and knot slings of the required length yourself.

The slings are standardized according to EN 566 (mountaineering), EN 795 B (mobile anchor device) and EN 354 (connecting device). Many slings comply with several of the mentioned standards.

The slings are used on structures, steel beams, rock heads and other anchoring possibilities that have sufficient static strength to install ropes, rescue devices or restraint systems using carabiners. Slings for tree care have sewn-in rings or screw links, with the help of which detachable anchor devices can be made by throwing.

For areas where the textile band can be quickly damaged, band slings with a protective cover are suitable, which increases the safety by protecting against damage and thus extends the product's lifespan.

The service life of sling tapes results from the maximum usage period specified by the manufacturer as well as the intensity of use. A sling that is used daily can become worn out and ready for replacement after a short period of time. Sling tapes should be checked at least once a year by a qualified person.

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