Barber haulers

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Barber Haulers are simple, but extremely effective trimming devices for headsails. A Barber Hauler consists of a block attached to a line. The block is placed on the sheet between the sheet's point of lead and the clew. Now, using the Barber Hauler, the point of lead of the sheet can be adjusted transversely to the ship's longitudinal axis.

So, the Barber Hauler provides greater adjustment possibilities with regard to the pull angle of a headsail sheet. Barber Haulers can be used on jibs, genoas, as well as spinnakers and gennakers.

For a Barber Hauler, it is best to use smooth-running, ball-bearing blocks with large pulley diameters. An ideal choice is a collapsible snatch block, which can be placed on already rigged boat lines without tedious threading. A high-quality folding block protects the sheet and makes it easier to quickly attach and optimally position the Barber Hauler on the sheet.

The lines used for Barber Haulers should primarily be abrasion-resistant and ideally have little stretch. Therefore, both double-braided polyester rope or low-stretch core-sheath constructions with a Dyneema core and polyester sheath are suitable.

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