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In this category, you can order barrier ropes, barrier cords, barrier stands, demarcation stands, and the required accessories in various colours and designs. We offer pre-made barrier ropes made from high-quality and durable materials, tailored to specific applications.

Additionally, you have the option to order custom barrier cords or barrier ropes according to your desired length. We provide barrier cords as metered goods for self-assembly, along with suitable accessories. For all our barrier ropes, you will find the matching stands and holders available. If needed, we can handle the customization of the rope and the installation of fittings in your preferred style.

We would be pleased to provide you with a personalised quote. Please use our contact form for your inquiry.

Crowd control systems, "Red Carpets," barriers, markings, safety installations, separations, marking specific areas, waiting areas, entrances, restricted areas, path markings, stair barricades, VIP areas, red carpet zones, backstage areas, design elements, access restrictions, maintaining minimum distances, home, garden, terrace, shop, hotel, bar, café, restaurant, cinema, airport, event, fair, presentation, etc...

ArticleDiameterColoursMaterialConstructionSpecial FeatureSuitable for Outdoor Use
Kanirope® ACRYL Barrier Rope30 mm; 40 mmblue; brown; red; blackPolyacrylic and Polyester Combed YarnCable-laidVery pleasant textureyes
Kanirope® HEMPTWIST Barrier Rope30 mm; 40 mmhemp-coloured (beige)Natural Hemp4-strand twisted100% natural fibreno
Kanirope® MULTITWIST Barrier Rope28 mmblue; green; red; black; whitePolypropylene Multifilament3-strand twistedSmooth, soft rope with a nice sheenyes
Kanirope® SPINTWIST Barrier Rope30 mm; 40 mmhemp-coloured (beige)Polypropylene Spun Fibre4-strand twistedHemp-like appearance, but weather-resistantyes

Your desired product is not listed in our online shop? We can offer you a customised solution. In this case, we have the required rope manufactured specifically according to your requirements. The prerequisite is the purchase of at least one machine set per desired variant of the product. The delivery time for these customised orders is usually approximately two to three weeks.

We happily take care of your need for manual assembly as well. We can cut the rope to the lengths you require and provide additional ropework. Decorative knots, individual splices and whippings, special packaging and labelling can also be ordered from us. These services can be provided even in large quantities.

Please feel free to send us your enquiry now! We take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. We see each individual request of our customers as a challenge which we seek to meet. Through established partnerships with selected rope manufacturers, our many years of experience, efficiency, and flexibility, we are able to deliver on that promise.

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