Standard Carabiner, Carabiner without locking device, Basic Carabiner

In this category you can order standard carabiners. Standard carabiners are carabiners without a locking mechanism, but which meet the requirements for personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE). This distinguishes standard carabiners from material carabiners, which are not suitable as PPE. Standard carabiners are also known as basic carabiners.

Basic or Standard carabiners are usually simple snap carabiners. The gate has no protection against unintentional opening of the gate. Standard carabiners can replace a locking carabiner if they are used redundantly. Redundancy in this case means that one carabiner is used with the gate opening to the right and the other with the gate opening to the left.

The advantage of standard karabiners is that they are very easy and quick to open and close. Normal or Basic carabiners are always used when the advantage of fast handling outweighs the safety disadvantage - or when the carabiner is used for non-safety-critical purposes.

In sport climbing, standard carabiners are used as straight gate, curved gate or wire gate, especially on express slings.

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