Carabiner Pulleys

In this category you can order carabiners with pulley. Carabiners with a built-in pulley are particularly suitable for attachment to the anchorage point or for setting up rope deflections. When used at the anchor point, carabiners with pulleys can both increase efficiency and protect the attached rope due to the reduced friction. Carabiners with pulleys are used as a deflection in pulley systems or in connection with ascenders for descending or ascending the rope. The advantages of a carabiner with a built-in roller are particularly appreciated by users in the fields of tree care, rope climbing technology and speleology (caving research). Pulley carabiners differ in the opening direction of the snap lock. They make it easier to either frequently attach and detach the rope (carabiner opening towards the rope pulley) or attach and detach the anchorage point or devices to the carabiner (carabiner opening opposite to the rope pulley).

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