Chest Harness

In this category, you'll find specially designed, adjustable chest harnesses and comfortable shoulder straps intended for mountain sports. These chest harnesses and shoulder straps are designed in such a way to increase safety during climbing and mountaineering. They distribute the load evenly, thereby reducing the risk of a fall or an injury.

Our adjustable chest harnesses are also ideal for extended climbing and high mountain tours. Their adjustability ensures optimal comfort and allows for even pressure distribution, improving wearing comfort over an extended period.

Moreover, our mountain sports accessories stand out due to their versatility. They can not only be used as a safety component when climbing or hiking, but also when transporting heavy mountaineering equipment like ropes and carabiners.

Our chest harnesses and shoulder straps are designed for various body sizes and activity levels, making them an ideal choice for diverse users. They are easy to adjust and clean, ensuring long-lasting use even in demanding mountain environments.

Please note that the use of these chest harnesses and shoulder straps is only recommended in conjunction with an appropriate seat or positioning harness to ensure optimal safety.

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