Climbing Mountaineering Carabiners

In this category you can order Carabiners and Carabiners for climbers. Climbing carabiners are standardised carabiners according to EN 12275, which are particularly suitable for alpine sports such as mountaineering, via ferrata, etc. as fall protection. Carabiners for climbing are intended to be hooked directly or indirectly into an anchorage or to connect pieces of equipment to each other. Climbing carabiners are divided into basic carabiners (also called: normal carabiners), HMS carabiners, via ferrata carabiners, oval carabiners, special hook carabiners and carabiners with a device for rope positioning. In addition, a distinction is made between quick links (maillons rapides), which are not carabiners in the true sense of the word. All climbing carabiners must withstand defined longitudinal loads (closed or open) and a defined transverse load. For each of its climbing carabiners, the manufacturer must specify the loads that the karabiner is guaranteed to withstand when used correctly. These minimum strength values are indicated on each climbing karabiner in kilo-Newtons (kN)

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