Control lines, trim ropes

In this category you will find the right trim lines for your sailing boat. Trim lines are boat ropes that are used to adjust the trim of the sails as optimally as possible. The optimal trim means giving the sails the shape that means safe and fast sailing under the prevailing conditions (wind, waves) and for your own course. At the same time, a good trim ensures more comfortable and material-friendly sailing.

The sail trim should therefore be continuously monitored and adjusted if necessary. Adjustments are required when the sailboat's course has changed - or if the wave pattern or wind conditions, i.e. the direction or strength of the sea or wind, change. Changes in the wave pattern are, for example, stronger or deeper waves, or a change in the direction from which the waves are rolling. A change in wind can also occur due to the shape or course of the shoreline and other nearby sailing boats, as is often the case in regattas.

In these cases, the sailor uses the various trimming devices - and other things the trimming lines - to

  • the angle of attack of the sails,
  • their twist (i.e. the optimal twisting of the sails in terms of wind shear),
  • the maximum depth (bulge) of the sail profile,
  • as well as the position of this maximum tread depth (of the belly)
  • set.