Directional Carabiners

In this category you can buy carabiners that can be operated with one hand. These carabiners have a special locking system that can be used with one hand and the ball of your thumb. They often look like safety hooks and can also be referred to as system carabiners.

One-hand carabiners close and lock automatically. To open it, you have to press a safety catch. Then the lock can be opened. Because you have to make two movements to open the carabiner, it is difficult to open it accidentally.

This type of carabiner is often used in mountaineering and professional activities. For example, rope access workers, industrial climbers, firefighters and height rescuers use them as part of their fall protection gear.

There are also other types of carabiners that can be operated with one hand. You can find them in our category snap hooks.

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