Carabiners by Edelrid for sport climbing, industrial climbing, work safety, PSAgA

In this category you can order carabiners and karabiners from the German quality manufacturer Edelrid. The specialist for mountain sports from Isny in the Alpin region offers carabiners for the Adventure Parks, Sport and Work Safety sectors. Edelrid's range includes carabiners for the work safety of arborists, high-altitude workers, industrial climbers as part of their Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height (PPEgA) as well as carabiners for leisure and sport climbers.

Depending on the area of application, Edelrid carabiners are optimised in terms of functionality and weight saving. In particular, Edelrid offers carabiners made of aluminium with a steel insert at the apex.

Through this combination of materials, a very balanced ratio of weight and wear of the Edelrid carabiners can be achieved.