Fall Safety Harnesses

In this category, you will find a selection of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) according to EN 361, specifically designed for access techniques and work at heights in construction, both in high-rise and underground projects, as well as for industrial applications. Our range includes harnesses, safety vests, lanyards, fall arrest systems, and vest-style harnesses for safe working. Discover high-quality and durable products made from materials such as polyamide and polyester, providing maximum protection and safety for working at heights.

In the industry, it is essential to adhere to the highest safety standards, especially when it comes to working at heights. Harnesses that comply with EN 361 are essential for effective protection against accidents and falls during your next assignment.

Fall arrest and restraint harnesses according to (EN 361)

EN 361 is the European standard that specifies the safety requirements and test methods for fall arrest harnesses. Fall arrest and restraint harnesses according to this standard are designed to securely hold a worker in the event of a fall and minimize the impact forces on the body.

Harnesses for fall arrest are equipped with a front (sternal) and/or back (dorsal) attachment point according to EN 361, clearly marked with the letter "A." The position of the attachment point allows for a favorable fall load distribution along the body axis in case of a fall and ensures upright suspension after arrest. Fall arrest harnesses are available in a classic form as well as in a vest-style system, which facilitates donning the harness and improves user visibility. Typical applications include the construction industry, such as working on a roof or in an aerial work platform.

For comprehensive safety, fall arrest harnesses should be used as part of a personal fall protection system, which also includes anchor points, connecting devices, and fall arrest devices. By combining these elements, a high level of protection can be ensured.

Proper application and maintenance of fall arrest harnesses are crucial. Employers should ensure that their employees are trained and that the equipment is regularly maintained. A well-trained workforce and properly maintained equipment contribute to reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Fall arrest and restraint harnesses are essential in the industry to ensure safety when working at heights. Employers should invest in high-quality equipment and ensure that their employees are adequately trained. An effective personal fall protection system that includes fall arrest harnesses can save lives and significantly enhance workplace safety.

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