Fender lines, bumper lines

In this category you can order fender lines. Fender lines are ropes for fastening fenders. They serve as bumpers on board and are intended to prevent damage to the outer skin of a ship during port manoeuvres and when lying on the quay wall or in a package (ship to ship). Fenders protect the boat especially from annoying scratches and unpleasant impacts.

Motorboats, sailing yachts and leisure boats usually have movable fenders that are attached to the outside of the boat as soon as the boat approaches the landing stage. The fenders are usually ball-shaped or barrel-shaped plastic bodies filled with compressed air.

The fenders are positioned and attached to the boat or jetty by means of the fender lines. When mooring sideways, the fender lines are usually attached to the railing. Suitable for this purpose are, for example, a slipped clove hitch knot or one round turn and two half hitches. The fenders should be positioned in such a way that on the one hand they are not in the water and on the other hand they provide enough distance to the mooring point. Thus, the size of the fenders used and the length of the fender lines depend on the size of the boat and its hull shape.

Movable fenders are each equipped with a fender line. For aesthetic reasons, fender lines are often chosen in a colour matching the fender or fender socks. In addition, the fender line can optionally be provided with an eye splice. On a fender line with eye splice the fender can be attached without knots.

At Kanirope you will find a large selection of fender lines in different diameters and colours. We recommend the use of braided or twisted ropes in 6-12 mm and a medium-sized eye splice on one side. The typical length of a fender line is 1-3 meters, depending on the shape of the fender and the size of the boat.

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