Firehooks, Pipe Hooks, Safety Hooks

In this category, you can order Firehooks. Firehooks are especially large and robustly shaped safety carabiners, as they are also used by the fire department.

Firehooks are connection devices according to EN-362. They feature a self-locking mechanism, which, when the gate is released, leads to automatic closure and simultaneous locking of the Firehook. To reopen the Firehook, the locking device, which is located on the side opposite the gate, must first be pressed. Only then can the gate be opened, thus securing it against accidental opening.

Firehooks are typically used by professional users as part of their Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPE). The most common users of Firehooks include tree surgeons, scaffolders, high-altitude workers, industrial climbers, as well as emergency responders such as firefighters, high-altitude rescuers, etc.

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