Flag lines, flag ropes and signal halyards

In this category, you can buy flag ropes and halyards for hoisting flags. Flags have traditionally been used for visual communication over longer distances, such as at sea from ship to ship. The flags are hoisted using flag ropes on a flagpole or flagstaff. However, even in the digital age of information transfer, flags are still in use.

The international flag law stipulates that every ship at sea must fly its own national flag. The flag is usually flown at the stern, sometimes also on the mast. Special signal flags and standardized signals allow ships to communicate with each other, for example, in case of emergency.

Particularly, buildings of public administration, courts, and barracks are flagged according to special legal regulations. Companies use flags and promotional banners as identification and advertising tools. Signal flags can also be found on land: for example, the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) uses flags at the beach as indicators for bathing conditions. And last but not least, private individuals also like to show their colors: they flag their house, balcony, or a flagpole in the garden with the banner of their federal state or their favorite club.

Essential for securely fastening the flag are appropriate cords or ropes. Special flag ropes ensure that the hoisted flag remains highly visible on the mast in wind and weather. These flag ropes have the following characteristics:

  • Durable weather and UV resistance: Since flag ropes are exposed to sunlight and weather conditions, the material of the rope should have very high light resistance and absorb as little water as possible.
  • Abrasion resistance: The wind can cause the flag rope to rub against the flagpole or fastening devices. Ropes with high abrasion resistance withstand these strains without wearing out quickly and have a longer lifespan.
  • Tensile strength: When the flag flaps loudly in the wind, you can directly hear the forces at work. A decent flag rope must be able to withstand these forces. Naturally, the larger the flag and the stronger the wind, the higher the forces involved. A tear-resistant material and a properly chosen rope diameter ensure that the flag remains securely fastened.
  • Easy handling, no kinking or twisting: Especially when flags are hoisted daily, the flag rope should have comfortable handling and not twist or knot (so-called kinking).

A rope that possesses these characteristics in a good combination is braided polyester cord (PE). At Kanirope, you can buy high-quality braided PE flag ropes by the meter in your desired length and suitable diameter.