Foot Ascenders

In this category, we present to you a selection of foot ascenders for climbing enthusiasts and professional climbers. Foot ascenders are particularly popular in the world of climbing as they excel in providing advantages for long and difficult ascents. One of the features of foot ascenders is efficient load transfer into the rope, which considerably facilitates and optimises the ascent.

While chest and hand ascenders are essential components of the safety chain, the foot ascender solely serves as an aid for climbing and should not be considered as a form of protection. It is extremely important and imperative to always be connected to the rope with two additional points of attachment in order to ensure maximum safety while climbing.

For optimal wearing comfort, the correct adjustment of the foot ascender is crucial. They are attached to the inside of the foot and often have a two-part strap package.

To avoid pressure points and ensure secure attachment, we recommend the use of shoes that cover the ankles and have stiff soles. Make sure to carefully adjust the foot ascender and, if in doubt, attach it lower down.

It is also important to know that foot ascenders come in a left and a right version. Choose an appropriate model depending on your technique and preferred foot. Experienced climbers and mountaineers typically choose a foot ascender for the opposite side of the hand ascender they have selected.

In combination with a foot loop, which is connected to a hand or knee ascender, the foot ascender enables an efficient and energy-saving ascending technique. It is important to note that the foot ascender is always used singly on a single rope, while the other foot is conventionally guided through a foot loop.

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