Suspension harnesses for difficult access work (EN 361 + EN 358 + EN 813)

Our suspension harnesses for difficult access work are versatile and comfortable industrial climbing harnesses designed for rope access and positioning techniques. Suitable for an extremely wide range of applications, they combine functions such as fall arrest in compliance with standard EN 361 with the work positioning functions required by standard EN 358. They also feature a low front attachment point that complies with EN 813 for rope access work. Chest ascenders for rope climbing can be attached to the harness subsequently or can be firmly sewn on as part of the harness. These harnesses generally feature an equipment loop for attaching additional equipment and tools; they can also be fitted with a seat. Many of these harnesses feature wide padding around the thighs, waist and shoulders, making them comfortable to wear for several hours. This type of harness is the perfect choice for working at great height and in areas that are difficult to access, such as for work, inspections, assembly of and repairs to wind turbines, church towers, the façades of high-rise buildings or stadium roofs, and also for work at depth such as wells or inspection shafts.

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