Hearing protection

Discover our range of hearing protection products and protective equipment that will effectively protect your hearing from excessively loud noises and environments. Especially in environments with elevated sound levels such as airports, road construction, industrial machinery, forestry, and construction sites, wearing hearing protection is mandatory in the workplace. Depending on the profession, certain requirements for hearing protection must be met. The attenuation of hearing protection usually ranges from 25 to 40 dB, depending on the manufacturer and product. Once the volume exceeds 85 dB(A), wearing hearing protection in the workplace is mandatory. However, please note that the effectiveness of hearing protection is influenced by factors such as frequency, material, and the individual wearer's anatomy.

A special type of hearing protection is active ear defenders. These ear defenders have level-dependent attenuation for active noise compensation and can optionally be equipped with a wireless communication device or an integrated FM radio.

Over-Ear Ear Defenders: This type of hearing protection is worn over the ears and includes passive ear defenders as well as passive ear defenders with additional features such as radio or wireless communication. There are also active ear defenders and active ear defenders with additional features.

  • Passive Ear Defenders
  • Passive Ear Defenders with Additional Features (Radio, Wireless Communication)
  • Active Ear Defenders
  • Active Ear Defenders with Additional Features (Radio, Wireless Communication)

Pre-formed earplugs are made of soft plastic and have a lamellar structure. They are already pre-formed and only need to be inserted into the ear canal. However, please note that plastic earplugs may not be suitable for everyone and can be uncomfortable depending on the size and shape of the ear canal.

In-Ear Earplugs:

These are plugs that are worn in the ear, such as earplugs, earplugs or individually fitted earmolds. They are available in disposable and reusable variants.

  • Disposable Earplugs
  • Reusable Earplugs
  • Earmolds

To achieve a higher attenuation value and protection, an in-ear hearing protection system, consisting of earplugs combined with over-ear ear defenders, can be used.

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