Helmet lamps for optimal visibility during outdoor activities

In this category, you will find high-quality helmet lamps for a safe and bright illumination during your outdoor adventures and climbing tours. Perfectly suitable for climbing helmets and equipped with practical mounting systems.

Whether you are climbing, hiking, or exploring nature in any other way, a reliable helmet lamp is essential. Our helmet lamps provide you with bright illumination to optimize your surroundings. With a power of up to 500 lumens, they ensure clear visibility, even in the darkest corners.

Perfect fit for your climbing helmet

Our helmet lamps are specifically designed for use with climbing helmets. They can be easily attached to your helmet and fit securely and stably. With their lightweight and ergonomic design, they do not compromise your comfort and allow you unrestricted freedom of movement.

Versatile mounting hooks and systems

For easy installation, we offer various mounting hooks and systems. These allow you to quickly and effortlessly attach the helmet lamp to your helmet. Whether it's a clamp closure, Velcro strap, or clips, choose the appropriate mounting option that suits your helmet and needs.

Lightweight and compact for transportation

With our convenient carrying case, you can transport your helmet lamp safely and comfortably. The case is lightweight, compact, and provides ample space for your helmet lamp and additional accessories. This way, you always have your illumination within reach and well protected.

Our selection of helmet lamps is not only suitable for outdoor sports but also for other activities such as camping, fishing, or repair work. They are waterproof, shockproof, and durable, ensuring reliable performance even under extreme conditions. With various lighting modes and adjustment options, you can customize the illumination to your specific needs.

Comfort and safety in focus

Our range of helmet lamps is not only functional but also designed to maximize your comfort and safety. They feature adjustable headbands and padding for a comfortable fit. Thanks to the long-lasting batteries or rechargeable batteries, you have a reliable light source for long outdoor adventures.


Our helmet lamps provide you with perfect illumination for outdoor activities. With high brightness and a mounting system specifically designed for climbing helmets, they are the ideal choice. Thanks to versatile mounting options, easy transportation, and a robust design, they are suitable for various applications. Comfort and safety are paramount, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor experiences. Choose the appropriate helmet lamp and enjoy bright visibility with every step.

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