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In this category, you will find a selection of sports climbing helmets specifically designed for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking, as well as for use in climbing gyms, adventure parks, and climbing gardens. Our range of climbing helmets is not only lightweight, secure, and sturdy but also comfortable.

Protection for mountaineering according to EN 12492:

Our climbing helmets comply with the European standard EN 12492. This certification guarantees that all safety requirements and test procedures for climbing helmets are met, ensuring maximum safety when climbing on rocks or in the mountains.

Protection for versatile outdoor activities according to EN 1078:

In addition, some of our models are also certified according to the EN 1078 standard. This norm applies to helmets worn by cyclists, skateboarders, and roller skaters. This certification expands the possible uses of our helmets and makes them the ideal choice for various outdoor activities.

Lightweight construction and padding:

Thanks to their lightweight construction and padding, our climbing helmets offer optimal comfort. This allows you to focus on your climbing technique while being well protected at all times.

Adjustable for the perfect fit:

Our helmets can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit your head size using straps and loops. This ensures that your climbing helmet always fits perfectly and provides optimal protection.

Our sports climbing helmets are available in various colors, allowing you to choose a helmet that matches your personal style. From classic colors to eye-catching designs, every climber will find something suitable.

Whether you're a professional climbing the rocks or a beginner exploring the ropes course, our helmets are the perfect choice for women, men, and children. Thanks to good ventilation and durability, our helmets are suitable for various climbers and outdoor sports.

Choosing the right climbing helmet is crucial for your safety and comfort while climbing. Make sure that the helmet complies with the required certifications and fits well.

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