Closure Carabiner, Safety Carabiner, Carabiner with locking device

In this category you can order carabiners with locking mechanism (locking carabiners). As the name suggests, locking Carabiners can be secured or locked against unintentional opening by mechanism of the Carabiners. The locking mechanism is always particularly important when the failure of the Carabiner would interrupt the safety chain, as there is no redundancy. Locking Carabiners are used for abseiling, belaying a climbing partner, building a belaystation, etc.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, very different mechanisms are used to close the Carabiner, which of course be different in terms of their handling. Common locking systems are manually locking screwgate and 2-way autolock and 3-way autolock, each of which has a mechanism for automatic locking.

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Sicherheitshaken GIGA SNAP aus Aluminium

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