Polyester rope (twisted)

(PES) Polyester Ropes

In this category you may order polyester ropes cords cables and lines made of high-quality PES yarns.

Twisted polyester ropes are relatively heavy, not floatable, offer good abrasion resistance, weatherproof and low-stretching.

These ropes are handy, knot easily, do not harden with time and are very resistant to the weather and salt water.


  • Water absorption: 0,5-2%, not floatable, strength loss due to humidity: 0%
  • Knot strength: 55-60%
  • UV light resistance: very good
  • Breaking stretch: 10-16 %
  • Abrasions resistance: very good
  • Acids till 25°C/100°C (residual value): 80%/0% of breaking load
  • Petrol, diesel, oil: no influence
  • Washing temperature: 50-60°C, range exposure: 225°C, melting point: 260°C

Areas of application

Twisted ropes and cords made PES polyester are excellent for many industrial applications, professional sailing, water sports, construction and transportations, tree care, free time and outdoor activities. Can be used as general-purpose rope in the household and garden, for hanging, lifting, lowering, pulling or tensioning, mooring line, web rope, anchor rope, traction rope, control rope, fastening rope, working rope, sports rope, safety rope, swing rope, decoration, modelling, design, window dressing etc ...

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