Professional Harnesses and Rope Belts

Harnesses and Belts for professional users are used in the areas of fall protection, PPE against falls from a height (personal protective equipment against falls from a height, also called PPEgA). Workplace positioning, rope access techniques (SZP - rope access and positioning techniques) Rope climbing technique (SKT - rope assisted tree climbing technique), Rigging and rescue from heights and depths (SRHT - Special Rescue from Heights and Depths) and vary in the equipment as a complete or seat harness depending on the area of application.

Fall arrest belts for fall protection according to EN 361 with minimum equipment, fall arrest belts for workplace positioning according to EN 361 and EN 358, professional belts for free-hanging work according to EN 361, EN 358 and EN 813, Seat belts according to EN 358 and EN 813 as well as tree climbing harnesses or pure harnesses according to EN 358.

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