Sea ropes, classical marine ropes, traditional nautical ropes

In this category you may find sea ropes. At Kanirope we use the term "sea rope" for ropes and cordage with a classic maritime look. Historical sea ropes are traditionally made form hemp. It is hawser laid rope for which three strands are twisted together. Besides hemp ropes there are also sea ropes made of other natural fibres. Jute ropes, manila hemp (abaca) ropes and sisal ropes are particularly suitable.

Instead of ropes made of natural fibres, ropes made of synthetic fibres can also be used as an alternative. These imitate the hemp look of traditional ropes but are superior to them in essential points. In particular, the breaking strength, elasticity, handling, and weather resistance of synthetic fibre ropes in hemp look are significantly better. Nevertheless, sea ropes made of polyhemp, synthetic hemp or Spleitex® are hardly distinguishable from traditional ropes.

On modern sailing yachts, a traditional appearance of the ropes is generally irrelevant. Here, ropes are selected primarily based on their technical properties. You will find these modern yacht ropes in our "Boat ropes" category.

At Kanirope you will find a wide range of ropes made of hemp and other natural fibres as well as ropes made of synthetic fibres such as polyhemp. Our sea ropes are suitable for many different applications, especially for handicrafts and maritime decoration. We offer high quality sea ropes in diameters from 4 mm to 60 mm millimetres and lengths up to 220 metres. At Kanirope you can order the suitable sea rope by the meter and, if required, have it made up by us according to your wishes.