Tree Climbing Spurs, Tree Climbing Spikes

In this category, you can buy tree climbing spurs. Tree climbing spurs are a professional climbing aid for tree climbers and tree surgeons. Sometimes they are also referred to as forest spurs or simply spurs. Tree climbing spurs are part of the tree climbing equipment, which also allow to climb parts of the tree trunk without branches.

Tree climbing spurs usually consist of a type of stirrup, which can be attached to the foot or shoe or boot using a strap. The shaft of the stirrup runs up to the wearer's calf. Here, the tree climbing spurs can be fixed to the leg using an anatomically shaped, padded shell or with the help of wide straps. In this way, forces and loads can be optimally absorbed and transferred. An essential element of all tree climbing spurs are the metallic spikes, which drill into the tree bark and thus provide the necessary hold for the tree climber. Therefore, tree climbing spurs can only be used when the tree may be damaged or is anyway due to be felled.

Quality features of tree climbing spurs are the comfort of wear when climbing, a weight that is individually suitable for the wearer, and of course as many interchangeable parts as possible, so that in case of wear of a component, the complete pair of tree climbing spurs does not have to be renewed.

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