Twin Rope

In this category, you can buy twin ropes. "Twin rope" is not actually an official term, but it has become a generic term for dynamic climbing ropes according to EN 892, which can be used as half ropes or twin ropes and meet the respective requirements of the relevant standard at the same time. The term twin rope therefore combines two types of climbing ropes and sets them apart from single ropes. At Kanirope, you will find a selection of twin ropes from Edelrid, Petzl, and Tendon.

Twin ropes are used in a double strand. This means that the climber ties into both strands of rope, both strands of rope run through the intermediate protection and back to the belayer, who has also inserted and is simultaneously operating both strands of rope in their belay device.

Twin ropes offer two advantages over single ropes: on the one hand, there is redundancy due to two strands of rope, which represents an additional safety factor especially when rock, mixed and ice climbing. The two strands of rope can be guided flexibly in parallel or in pairs. The resulting safety advantage becomes immediately apparent when considering that the rope could be subjected to loads over a sharp edge or that rockfall could hit the rope during a fall.

On the other hand, twin ropes can be used for rappelling in a single strand. This allows for an almost twice as long rappelling distance compared to a single rope of the same length. This also ultimately serves safety, for example in an emergency or when retreating due to an imminent change in weather and rapid rappelling is necessary.

Compared to a single rope, twin ropes have slightly more difficult handling, especially for the belayer, as both strands of rope can be operated simultaneously. If you are careless, you can easily produce a tangle of rope that needs to be untangled and takes up time.

The popular Grigri by Petzl or other belay devices designed for single ropes cannot be used for belaying with twin ropes. However, many tubes are suitable for belaying in double strand and there are now also auto-locking tubes/half-automatic devices for twin ropes, such as the MegaJul and MicroJul by Edelrid. In case of doubt, it is therefore necessary to purchase an additional belay device and learn how to use it correctly.

A double rope can be recognized by a dual labeling, namely both the labeling for half ropes according to EN 892 and for twin ropes according to EN 892. A double rope carries both the breaking number ½ and two intersecting circles - each enclosed by a larger circle - as a double labeling.

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