Work Ropes

In the field of industrial rope access, the load or carrying ropes, with which an industrial climber moves to his working position, are referred to as working ropes. There is no technical distinction from the redundant safety rope. A working rope is standardised according to EN 1891 and is used for the most common rappelling devices with diameters of 10.5mm or 11mm and a usage elongation of about 3%.

The ropes are made of polyamide fibres and are manufactured as core-sheath constructions in all conceivable colour variations. Depending on the manufacturer, rope diameter, and construction, the ratio of core to sheath content varies between 52% to 48% and 57% to 43%. The load-bearing core of the rope is protected by the sheath of the rope and includes a tracer thread on which the relevant data of the rope can be found.

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