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Soft Shackle by LIROS - ideal solution for those who are looking for easy, high performance and fast connection on the ship, outdoor or multiple industrial applications. This shackle is made of 100% Dyneema® SK78 fibres and is perfectly replacing heavy shackles made of metal. Additional advantages of using a soft shackle is that damages to the ship's deck as well as injuries caused by banging metal parts are excluded thanks to the Dyneema fibres.

  • Ten times lighter than a steel shackle with equivalent breaking strength
  • Pleasant and easy to use
  • Soft shackle cannot open unintentionally under load
  • Very simple and fast opening system
  • Easy to open even after extreme loads
  • Colour coded breaking strengths

Overview of available soft shakles

Rope Diameter (mm)ColourBreaking Load (t)SWL / WLL (t)Inner Lenght (mm)
9Silver grey1,50,7580

SWL: Safe Working Load — WLL: Working Load Limit — Safety Factor: 2

Upon request, all sizes are also available in colours silver grey and black.

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