Static rope ARAMID ø10mm 100m black by Tendon

Product No.: 11116

  • 674,05 €
Basic price: 6,74 € per metre, incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping costs
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks *
  • Weight: 6,64 kg

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  • Length: 100 meter

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product description

Static rope ARAMID ø10mm 100m black by Tendon - a unique rope with aramid sheath and polyamide core, which features high firmness and increased resistance to cutting and abrasion. The rope is resistant to naked flame and radiant heat of up to 400 °C for short periods of time! This characteristic will be appreciated in particular by special police and army emergency squads for quick descent from a helicopter, when ordinary ropes are not able to tackle the heat energy.

  • Weight (g/m): 66.4
  • Number of UIAA falls: 0
  • Relative mass of sheath (%): yes
  • Sheat Slippage (mm): yes
  • Shrinkage (%): 1.5
  • Tenacity (kN): 37
  • Min. tenacity with knots (kN): 15
  • Used material: aramid/PA
  • Type: A
  • Norm: *tested according to EN 1891 type A except material and marking