Static rope SECURE ø10,5mm 50m red/yellow by Tendon

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product description

Static rope SECURE ø10,5mm 50m red/yellow by Tendon - rope for any application where the sheath and the core may suffer damage. When using this rope you will significantly increase your safety margins, in cases where mechanical damage to the rope due to sharp edges or falling objects. Thanks to the unique sandwichtype construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibers, the rope is able to hold the suspended person or load even in the event of considerable sheath or core damage. Even if the rope is heavily damaged, the suspended person has enough time to abseil to the ground or to a safe anchor point.

  • Rope diameter (mm): 10.5
  • Weight (g/m): 75
  • Number of (UIAA) falls (min): 0
  • Relative mass of sheath (%): 4.5
  • Sheat Slippage (mm): yes
  • Shrinkage (%): 1.2
  • Min. tenacity with knots (kN): 18
  • Tenacity (kN): 28
  • Max impact force (kN): 4.5
  • CE 1019: yes
  • EN 1891: yes