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  • Working stretch: < 5 %
  • Perfect handling and grip on winches
  • Pleasantly soft rope surface
  • Best abrasion values
  • Durable construction
  • Optimized grip on the winch ensures easy handling for all maneuvers
  • Material cover: Mix of Polyester grip fibre and hightenacity, spun-dyed Polyester
  • Material core: High-strength Polyester, braided
  • Construction: ø6mm – ø14mm: 1:1 braided
  • Available colors: White-blue; White-green; White-red; White-black
  • Liros Green Wave

DiameterBreaking loadWorking stretchWeightConstructionLengths
ø6mm750 daN< 5 %29 g/m1:1 braidedSold by the meter; 200m spool
ø8mm1350 daN< 5 %45 g/m1:1 braidedSold by the meter; 200m spool
ø10mm2200 daN< 5 %65 g/m1:1 braidedSold by the meter; 200m spool
ø12mm3000 daN< 5 %90 g/m1:1 braidedSold by the meter; 200m spool
ø14mm4000 daN< 5 %125 g/m1:1 braidedSold by the meter; 150m spool

Note on how to order "by the metre"

If you order "by the metre" please type the total required length in the field "Quantity". For example: If you need 14 m of rope, please type "14" as the quantity and you will receive 14 metres rope in one piece. At your request we can cut the rope (up to 5 cuts per order are free). You can write your requirements with regard to cutting and length dimensions by typing in the field "Notes to my order". Please take into consideration that cuts can never be „mm-exact“ and there might be length difference of ±2% with the ordered length.

Liros Green Wave - the sustainability strategy GREEN WAVE® stands for 100% recyclable products. Natural fibers as well as pure-grade synthetic fibers. Sustainable action and fair, environmentally conscious business practices are among the great challenges of our time. At LIROS, it is company philosophy – the LIROS Green Wave® label is simultaneously a quality seal, concept, and binding guideline for our corporate actions in harmony of ecology and economy. The generation and consumption of energy have significant ecological impacts. As a company, we are responsible for using energy sparingly and utilizing alternative sources. To protect the environment, LIROS consistently aligns its actions towards carbon neutrality in all areas. LIROS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 – This standard certifies that LIROS has an effective environmental protection management system in all relevant company areas.