Polyamid Rope PERLONTWIST ø10mm 3-strand twisted by Kanirope®

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Product No.: 10981-12246

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Polyamid Rope PERLONTWIST ø10mm 3-strand twisted by Kanirope® - made of tearproof multifilament polyamide yarns. Ropes made of polyamide are highly valued for their braking strength, high elongation at break and dynamic absorption of the load. Polyamide ropes withstand the shock load very well thanks to the 16% to 27% elongation at break. Polyamide rope is a perfect choice for all types of professional activities related to moving, lifting or pulling loads. That’s why this ropes are being applicated in professional sailing, tree care, fire service, construction and transport.

  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Construction: form A, 3-strand twisted
  • Breaking load: 2040daN(kg)
  • Norm: EN 696
  • Colour: White
  • Length: by the meter, 220m hawser
  • Weight: 6,20kg/100m

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