Rope configurator Polyamide Rope PERLONTWIST ø8mm 3-strand twisted by Kanirope®

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product description

With this rope configurator you have an ability to order twisted polyamide ropes processed according to your individual requirements.

  • Step 1: Select the required rope length. Please note that the rope length is being measured during production as indicated in the drawing above. Please also keep in mind that the cuts can never be made millimetre-precisely. The minimal length tolerance is min. +/-2%
  • Step 2: Select the desired colour.
  • Step 3: Select the desired processing for the left end of the rope.
  • Step 4: Select the desired processing for the right end of the rope.
  • Step 5: In the field "Quantity" you can now enter the number of required ropes and "add to cart".

IMPORTANT! Please note that ropes ordered via the rope configurator are not in stock and will be made individually for you after your order. Since this is a custom made and made-to-order, there is no right of cancel.

The following options for the manufacture of rope ends are available:

  • Without processing: to protect the rope from unwanted "loose", the end of the rope is being wrapped with a tissue adhesive tape several times under tension before cutting.
  • Shrink tube (black): the rope end will be processed after cutting with an approx. 5cm long black shrink tube made of thin polyolefin. The tube is shrunk under heating onto the rope end and provides reliable protection against unwanted loosening.
  • Eye splice with a steel thimble: in this option the end of the rope is being "eye"-formed (loop). This "eye" is being reinforced with stainless steel thimble. Please note that with an eye splice, the breaking load is reduced by approx. 15%. This option is available for the ropes with diameters up to 30mm only.
  • Eye splice (loop): in this option the end of the rope is being "eye"-formed (loop). The size of the loop can be determinized according to your needs by selecting "small, middle or big" option in the menu. The sizes differ in the inner diameter of the loop. The respective measures for the inner diameter will be show in the title of the product after selecting all fields. Please note that with an eye splice, the breaking load is reduced by approx. 15%.

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