Aluminium Carabiner and Aluminium Connector Hooks

In this category you can order weight-optimised aluminium carabiners for fall protection. The lightest carabiners that can be used as part of the personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPEgA) are made of aluminium or, more precisely, aluminium alloys. If necessary, the aluminium is also anodised to protect the surface against scratches and rust.

The advantage of aluminium carabiners is therefore obvious: the relatively low weight in relation to the breaking load. This optimisation of weight while at the same time complying with the standards and requirements for strength is technically achieved by forging the aluminium profile.

The disadvantage of aluminium carabiners is the lower resistance of the aluminium to material abrasion and thus its shorter service life - depending on the load intensity and frequency of use, of course. Because at the latest when damage, burrs or sharp edges appear on the aluminium carabiner, it may no longer be used as PPE or for fall protection.

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Sicherheitshaken GIGA SNAP aus Aluminium

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