Daisy Chains, Safety Chains

In this category, you will find everything related to the versatile Daisy Chain slings, an indispensable tool and piece of equipment for every mountaineer, climber, alpinist, and industrial climber. Whether you're moving at dizzying heights on multi-pitch routes or have discovered rock and alpine climbing for yourself, the Daisy Chain sling is a versatile and useful piece of equipment for your next outing.

Our selection of Daisy Chain slings offers something for every alpinist, beginner or an experienced professional. Thus, you stand securely and well-equipped on every rock when climbing. Discover the versatility of the Daisy Chain slings. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help!

What is a Daisy Chain sling, you may ask? It is a robust sling, specifically developed for mountaineering and rock climbing. Its range of application is broad, spanning from securing during climbing, attaching equipment, to being used as an anchor and attachment point.

With the versatile material loops and the robust sewing of the polyamide materials, and the high breaking load, these slings are an indispensable piece of equipment in the field of leisure and industrial climbing.

Daisy Chains slings and straps offer multi-purpose attachment points, ideal for complex climbing tours. They allow for anchor points to be connected safely and efficiently. They provide increased safety and, thanks to the sewn material loops, enough space for additional climbing equipment.

Safety is paramount in climbing, and this is where the Daisy Chain slings come into play. Their structured arrangement of slings and carabiners allows for a high degree of safety without compromising flexibility. This makes these slings and straps an essential part of every climbing gear.

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