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In this category you can order carabiners that are particularly suitable for use in express slings (also: expresses, or very briefly: exes). Express slings are used in lead climbing for belaying or for intermediate belays. For this reason, express slings should be able to be clipped into the wall hooks quickly.

Express carabiners should therefore be optimised for quick clipping.

The so-called standard carabiners with snap closure (also: snap carabiners, or even shorter: gate carabiners) have proven themselves particularly well here.

Since one carabiner of the express sling is clipped into a piton, while the opposite carabiner takes up the rope, different express carabiners can be used on the respective side: On the piton side, straight snap carabiners have proven their worth. For clipping the rope, on the other hand, a curved snap carabiner or a wire gate is often used.

The use of wire gate on the rope side reduces the risk of the whip lash effect, in which a brief unintentional opening of the Carabiner.

Another advantage of using express carabiners of different designs on their respective sides is that they are easier to distinguish, as the rope side and the piton side should not be interchanged.

With express carabiners, it is essential to observe the following safety note: Clipping the express slings into the pitons can damage the express carabiners.

Therefore, always clip the same side of the express sling into the rope or into the piton.

A sharp ridge or edge on the (incorrectly clipped) express carabiner can severely damage the belay rope and, in the worst case, even cause the rope to break.

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