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Personal Fall Protection Equipment

In this category, you will find high-quality harnesses for fall arrest, restraint, and work positioning, specifically designed for industrial climbing and rescue operations. Personal fall protection equipment is of vital importance to protect workers at heights and prevent accidents. Our products comply with relevant EN standards such as EN 361, EN 358, and EN 813, providing you with the safety and reliability you expect from high-quality.

Our fall arrest harnesses, restraint harnesses, and work positioning harnesses are specifically designed to ensure maximum safety in demanding industrial environments. They serve both as a fall arrest system and a restraint system, crucial in preventing accidents while working at great heights or during rescue operations. These harnesses are certified according to relevant standards, offering you additional safety when working at heights.

We offer products from renowned manufacturers such as Petzl, Singing Rock, and others, known for their quality and innovation in the industry. These manufacturers rely on state-of-the-art technology and materials to provide you with the best possible safety equipment.

Fall arrest harnesses, restraint harnesses, and work positioning harnesses are essential components of personal fall protection equipment. They are designed to function optimally in various situations and applications, providing maximum safety and protection. To arrest a potential fall, for instance, when working on a roof or in an elevated work platform, or when securing against falls using a fall arrest system, one chooses a harness with front and/or back attachment points according to EN361. As per the standard, fall arrest harnesses must have at least one attachment point on the back or chest area, which must be labeled with the letter "A" to indicate it is an arrest harness. The attachment points themselves may be made of metal, particularly for the dorsal attachment point, while front (sternal) attachment points can also be made of metal, but versions with two textile loops (A/2) in the chest area are also widespread. This design complies with the minimum requirements for fall arrest harnesses and is only available as a full-body harness. Seat harnesses as fall arrest harnesses are not permitted. The basic setup of personal fall protection equipment, includes, for example, a fall arrest harness, a climbing helmet, a shock absorber, and a lifeline. Each element serves a specific function and contributes to ensuring you are best protected when working at heights or conducting rescue operations.

When selecting a fall arrest or restraint harness, it is essential to choose the appropriate design for your specific application or use case. Pay attention to certifications and standards such as EN 361 and EN 358 to ensure that the fall arrest harness or restraint harness meets the required safety standards. A well-fitted climbing harness with D-ring and fall arrest attachment point offers you both safety and comfort during work. The position of the attachment points allows for a favorable distribution of fall forces along the body axis during a fall and ensures an upright hanging position after arrest. Fall arrest harnesses according to EN 361 must be inspected by a competent person at least once a year.

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Our range of fall arrest harnesses, restraint harnesses, and work positioning harnesses for industrial climbing and rescue operations offers a wide range of products that meet the highest safety standards. Rely on our premium manufacturers and professional advice to obtain the best Harness for your needs.

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