Rescue harnesses and recovery harnesses for rescue operations (EN 1497)

Special harnesses for various rescue situations and suspended rescues that enable search and rescue, first aid, and evacuation of casualties in emergency situations at height or at depth. These types of harnesses feature particularly low anchorage options. The Falcon range from Petzl®, for example, is specially designed for this use. Rescue harnesses compliant with standard EN 1497 are used exclusively in rescue situations and enable the casualty to be secured directly in a rescue system compliant with standard EN 363. For models that do not comply with standard EN 1497, the rescue harness can be used only to stabilise the body and not as the main component in a rescue system as per standard EN 363. If the casualty is already wearing a fall arrest harness that also complies with standard EN 1497, an additional rescue harness is not generally required for rescue operations.

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