Quick Links, Screw Links, Maillon Rapide

In this category you may find pear-shaped, delta-shaped, half-round, oval and rectangular quick links (maillon rapide). Quick links have a body with an opening, which has a screw cap on the one end and a thread opposite. By means of the screw cap the quick link is securely closed.

Quick links are commonly known as screw links and under the French terms maillon or maillon rapide. Whereby "maillon" is the word for chain link and "rapide" indicates that the chain link can be closed "quickly" if necessary.

Screw links are often used for climbing, especially for industrial climbing. When using the single rope technique, quick links can be used to create secure connections, to connect the rope to an anchor point or as a cost-effective alternative for a carabiner if it must be left hooked in. Speleologists, paragliders, and event technicians also rely on maillons rapides.

Quick links differ according to the material used, their design, size, opening gate width and strength. Depending on the combination, screw links have different static strengths. However, they regularly exceed the breaking loads of carabiners by far. Screw links certified as connectors according to EN 362, which may be used as personal protective equipment, have a minimum static strength requirement of 25 kN in the main axis and 10 kN in the secondary axis. The manufacturer's specification is only valid in closed condition. Bending loads on the bolted element must be avoided.

In the Kanirope Shop you will find maillons rapides in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Material of the quick links we offer is usually steel, either as galvanized steel or as stainless steel.

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