Petzl Professional Mobile Fall Arresters

In this category you will find guided type fall arresters for different applications. The fall arresters allow a quick installation on the rope and follow the movements on the rope without manual intervention. The guided type fall arresters are used for fall protection during work at height in order to mitigate a possible fall to the maximum. The suitability of the devices ranges from sport climbing and light work at height to work at heights that are difficult to access, e.g. for industrial climbers.

Matching ropes and fall arrestors to complete the maximum protection can also be found in this category.

Range of applicationWorking at height (RAT), PPE User, Offshore RAT, Geocaching, Wind power RAT, Ropes Course, Fixed rope route, Treeclimbing RCTWorking at height (RAT), PPE User, Offshore RAT, Geocaching, Wind power RAT, Ropes Course, Fixed rope route, Treeclimbing RCT
Professional groupsCarpenter, Roofers, AssemblersIndustrial climber
Colororange orange
For rope diameter10,5 - 13 mm10 - 13 mm
Climbing directionUp and downUp and down
Use with or without shock absorber possibleYes
With blocking systemYesYes
EN 353-2YesYes
EN 12841 Typ AYesYes
ANSI Z359.15YesYes

CE conformity mark

By affixing this mark, the manufacturer confirms on his own responsibility that a product complies with all the relevant regulations of the European Union. It is to be understood like the technical passport of the product and is considered as a basic requirement for a sale within the European Economic Area. The CE conformity mark thus indicates that a product complies with the required directives and is officially certified. The number after the CE conformity mark indicates the certification body.

EN 353-2

Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line: sub-system consisting of a flexible anchor line, a self-locking guided type fall arrester which is attached to the flexible anchor line and a connector or a connector-terminated lanyard. A feature may be between the fall arrester and the anchor line or an energy absorber may be incorporated in the lanyard or in the anchor line. A shock absorbing element may be inserted between the fall arrester and the anchor line, or in a lanyard or the anchor line.

    The following compulsory information is supplied by the manufacturer on the product:
  • Manufacturer/trading name
  • Batch number
  • EN 353-2 + year of issue
  • Type/ model designation
  • Reference to user manual
  • Instructions for correct installation and correct orientation in use
  • Caution to use correct rope only (observe manufacturer’s instructions)
  • CE mark with 4-digit identification number.

EN 12841 type A

    The EN 12841 type A standard tests the rope adjustment device and is defined by the following characteristics:
  • The rope adjustment device for a safety rope that follows the user when changing position and/or allows adjustments to the safety rope and automatically locks to the safety rope under dynamic load.
  • Rope adjustment devices of design A must be able to withstand a force of 15 kN for 3 min on a load-bearing device with a stop knot.
  • The minimum service load is determined by means of the slippage, which must be less than 100mm for type A.


With the EAC marking, the manufacturer, distributor or authorized representative declares that the product, which is placed on the market for the first time in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, complies with the applicable safety requirements specified in the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. If the conformity test is successful, then the products must be marked with the EAC conformity mark. EAC is an abbreviation for Eurasian Conformity. It is similar in content to the European CE mark.


ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute - an organization that develops various standards for the American market. The ANSI standard regulates the requirements for connecting components for personal fall protection systems.

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