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Seile, Schnüre, Tauwerk

Ropes, Cords, Lines

From natural fibre as f.e. hemp rope till newest high-tech ropes as f.e. Dyneema. In our shop you may find ropes, cords and lines to almost all types of applications.

Persönliche Schutzausrüstung gegen Absturz, Seilzugangstechnik, Seilklettertechnik und Absturzsicherung

PPE, Fall Arrest

From the anchor point to accessories – here you may find products related to PPE personal protective equipment against fall from the height, rope access and industrial climbing.

Stirnlampen Helmlampen Industrie

Industrial Headlamps

Headlamps developed due to requirements of professional users. In our shop you may find the right model starting from an ultra-compact versions to powerful helmet lamps.

Stirnlampen Sport

Headlamps for Sports

Headlamps developed due to requirements for outdoor sportsmen activities, as f.e.: mountaineering, trail running, water sports, hunting, fishing, speleology etc…

Seile zum Basteln & Flechten

Ropes for Weaving and Handicraft

Whether for design, architecture, model making, DIY, or art – we offer a wide range of ropes and lines in trendy colours to make the creative heart beat faster.

Seile Schnüre und Tauwerk für Sport, Spiel & Spaß

Ropes for Sports, Playing & Fun

Ropes, lines and cords for sports, games and fun in own garden, at home, outdoors or for professional use in the fitness studio.

Handlaufseile, Treppenseile

Handrail ropes, Stair ropes

A very special eye-catcher, the handrail ropes transform the ambience and give an object an extraordinary touch.

Absperrseil, Absperrkordel

Barrier rope, Barrier cord

Whether timelessly beautiful design and elegance or representation on a highest level for special occasions - with us you will find the right Barrier rope.

Geländer Seile

Railing ropes

Ropes, cords and accessories for terrace boundary, garden design, property demarcation, passenger guidance systems and barriers.